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[2021 edition] Why Language Teacher Rebels need to stick together

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post about why us Language Teacher Rebels need to stick together. I was describing how I felt about living in a UK that was exiting from the EU.

Last year was difficult. I live in the UK (maybe you do too, maybe not), and things have been very difficult politically lately. We are now exiting from the EU. With a right-wing government that has a very strong majority.
I don't want to become a politician. I don't want to become an activist. But I do want to make a difference.
We can expand people’s ‘bubbles’ by teaching them our language, so they can read and understand media and literature from our countries.
I think we need to share our experiences. Support each other. Talk. Be there for each other. Connect. Learn. Grow.

I was also thinking about how running your own business as an online language teacher can be lonely, when you don't have any colleagues to interact with.

Little did I know, fast forward until today, that we would be even MORE isolated because of the pandemic. Even though most people these days are in the same boat, it can nevertheless feel lonely.

And little did I know that the concept of 'filter bubbles' on social media would become a HOT topic of discussion in relation to democracy and elections.

We still need to stick together. Support each other. So we can kick ass and encourage integration and cultural empathy. It's still badly needed.

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Over and out!

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